Psychotherapy is a scientifically based psychological treatment method that was originally developed around the turn of the century – as psychoanalysis – by Sigmund Freud. Since then, psychoanalysis was further developed by many other psychotherapists and in several different psychotherapeutic directions (cognitive, behavioral psychology, etc.). Psychotherapy is a conversation therapy, where the psychologist seeks to remedy the client's psychological problems, thoughts and/or patterns by means of repeated conversations with the client.

There are many different practitioners who offer psychotherapy, including psychotherapists. Psychotherapist is not a protected title, so in principle anyone can settle down as a psychotherapist. Being a psychologist, on the other hand, is a protected title in Denmark, and the title may thus only be used by persons with a master's degree in psychology (cand.psych.), psychological-pedagogical master's degree (cand.pæd.psych.) or an equivalent degree.

I am a trained psychologist (cand.psych.) and mainly work cognitively towards either finding the cause of your problem or giving you insight into your own thought and action patterns, so that you can change the old habits that can result in .a. anxiety, depression, PTSD, sexual blockages, relationship problems, eating disorders or anything else that causes you to fall back into some inappropriate habits and patterns time and time again. It can also be about processing a grief, a trauma or having to make a difficult choice.

Some problems cannot be "solved" in the traditional sense, but can be "dissolved" so that you can learn to deal with them and get on well in your life.